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The Artisan Collection


It feels privileged …
Each of the Artisan Range mattress, the class is evident from every stitch out of self-committed hands, has the signature of the master. Artisan beds use soft materials, high-quality materials throughout the production process for durable springs, and luxurious and refined feelings in the bedrooms. To those who want to pamper themselves!




Comfort & Feel

Single 92 * 188 CMs Firm
King Single 107 * 203 CMs Medium
Double 138 * 188 CMs Plush
Queen 153 * 203 CMs Ultra Plush
King 183 * 203 CMs
Super King 203 * 203 CMs
Custom Size Made to Order




Hygiene Cool Cashmere Fabric

Made from hypoallergenic fabric along with Dream foam and 500grams of Australian Wool to provide a luxurious feel and enhanced breathability with body heat balancing and bactericidal properties. Protect the natural heat by absorbing the water. A truly luxurious natural product that offers an extremely soft sleep surface and excellent moisture and thermal regulation.




High Density open cell structure urethane that allows enhanced ventilation and breathability whilst offering luxurious comfort.


An advanced open cell, Graphite and Gel infused memory foam that offers superior support, pressure relief and thermal conductivity, resulting in greater air flow and enhanced dissipation.



Tri-Helix Pocket Spring System

This spring contains 3 Wires, intertwined in a helix formation offering full body support, exceptional pressure point relief and superior comfort for all sleepers


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